OWO Best Core Magic Boost Portable Speaker for Mobile and Tablet

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1. Wireless induction speaker for mobile and tablets
2. Just place the mobile on this mount and it will amplify your sound
3. Individual on/off switch & Audio input
4. Audio Source - Induction type, aux input
5. Magically amplifies the sound from any mobile device
6. Can play music for upto 4 Hours
₹ 399 ₹ 1499



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Product Description

OWO Best Core Magic Boost speaker for smartphone - The OWO Best Core Magic Boost speaker is a high quality amplifier for your smartphone that is a perfect base to enjoy music and movies. Amplify the audio of your smartphone by simply placing it in the slot of the speaker as no pairing is required using a cable. With high capacity and long lasting battery, the speaker offers you 6 hours of playing time and the best hands free experience that lets you enjoy your music or movies in the best possible way in your phone with amplified sound. The battery of the speaker is rechargeable using a charger or by a computer through a USB interface. The lightweight plastic body offers durability and ease of usage. The speaker is available in black, white, blue and pink for you to choose from.

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